All of our projects will benefit from donations like yours.

With your help we can keep breaking down barriers.

There are 151,000 British Sign Language (BSL) users in the UK.
Recent statistics have shown that 1 in 3 Deaf people suffered a form of mental health and physical health complications
Many Deaf people are being neglected by the healthcare service and fitness industry coming from a lack of poor accessibility and no Deaf awareness training provided.

Sadly several Deaf men who passed away this year due from suicide as there are still lacking access to healthcare services and fitness industries across in the UK today.
Deaf Gym’s main focus impact is to reach, educate and inspire the Deaf community to be fit and healthy. The outcome is to improve their mental and physical health and saving NHS costing as NHS spend 30 million per year from all these poor services.

All the profit will be invested back to the community as we are Deaf Gym C.I.C (Community Interest Company)
The profit will help us to develop new projects, career opportunities, Deaf fitness and bodybuilding stage competition, public events, workshop, presentation, fitness equipment, gym sign language training and many more to reach more Deaf community internationally in the future.

Any amount of donation will be highly appreciated.