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Deaf gym is all about breaking down barriers on information to make you look good and feel great about yourself!

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Kaz Skyes

Kaz, the owner of the first Crossfit Box in Tiverton, is about to celebrate its second anniversary. She has worked tirelessly to help all ages stay fit. She teaches Crossfit Kids, adults, disabled people and people who suffer from many different injuries and health problems.

Faiza Awan

Every day I use my passion and energy to improve my clients' health , looks and lifestyle. This is very important to me, I go to any lengths to ensure every word mentioned above becomes a reality. I will work with you to achieve your goals.

Michael Easton

I design enjoyable individual fitness training programmes for all ages and abilities. I can also advise on nutrition and weight management. As your trainer, I aim to meet your requirements whether in your home, at your local park or workplace.

Healthy Tips & Tricks

Get advices from world-class fitness trainers, nutricist and diet
experts and start changing your life today!

Why concerned Deaf people thinks gym will not be the same again due from Coronavirus

A number of Deaf people is concerned about safety measures in the gym is harder to ascertain. What your gym…

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Success Stories


Change Your Life In 4 Steps

The Deaf Gym team are here to work with you so that you won't fall back, they will push you to your new lifestyle.

First Step: Dedication

You must have such a strong desire to change that you're willing to overcome the pain and challenges of change.

Second Step: Preparation

Now you're seriously considering change, but you're not ready to start yet. Your next step is planning with your trainer.


Third Step: Passion

You've been exercising regularly for three months, and you've realised you can do it and feel positive changes to your body.


Fourth Step: Gain

Our approach is simple. Hard work always pays. You will say that you've done it!